About Us

Founded in September 2006 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the Chi brand creates comfortable and stylish pieces that make movement more fluid and more fashionable in and out of the office.  Inspired by the philosophy of living in your own element, Chi promotes empowerment of women through looking good and feeling good, thereby radiating good energy.

Experiencing firsthand the frustration of being unable to find form flattering uniforms, founder Agnes Dalisay sought to create stylish pieces with beautiful silhouettes that are timeless but modern.  Using only luxurious, breathable fabric, each piece is carefully crafted in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Not only conscious of the wellness of the clients we serve, the Chi brand is sensitive to the environment and cares about the individuals who contribute to the manufacturing of each uniform. We ensure that our products are produced ethically (we are sweatshop free) as well as locally (we are proud to support our local economy) in Vancouver, Canada.

Chi Uniforms are now stylishly worn by professionals in the spa, beauty and medical industry all over the world and has been selected by several prestigious cosmetics brands as their uniform of choice.

Chi’s goal is to create uniforms that respond to the evolving needs of you, the clientele.

Chi - Work in your element.